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Paul Aitken

Originally from Alexandria, Virginia, Paul is the founder of the company. He spends half his time here and half his time at DroneU as the Chief Pilot.  Paul earned his first degree in Criminology from the University of New Mexico.  Paul spent some time abroad studying International Finance at Charles University in Prague. Upon returning from the Czech Republic, he won the Entrepreneurial Challenge at the University of New Mexico.  This was only the beginning, the business that won the challenge didn't succeed but gave a gateway to a network of professional individuals. Paul also acquired a University Certificate in Unmanned Systems Engineering from UXY. Recently there after, his addiction to drones began. After flying for a few years, Paul was asked to teach at the National Association of Broadcasters. Subsequently, Paul has flown for national news teams, television studios, major motion pictures and commercial productions. His love for flight, intense work ethic and persistence are instantly evident when you meet him. 

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