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It all started when...

I acquired my Part 107 commercial license. How do you get a commercial drone license like me? Well it is simple....

Head to DroneU.  They have a class on how to get your drone license under part 107. On top of the class, they have actual test questions, quizzes and tests to ensure you retain the information.  They are also the cheapest and most comprehensive. Most other schools charge you for one class, DroneU provides this class and so much more. 

DroneU also offers additional classes free of charge. So, once you have acquired your drone license, you can also learn how to fly like a pro. They have classes on advanced aerial videography, aerial photography, thermography and search and rescue. I highly recommend them. 

The greatest thing about DroneU is the online community. You can get questions answered from experienced drone pilots. The build you up and help ensure your success. They are your support line when you need it. Frankly, this community has helped grow and shape my business. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to get Drone training, attend a drone flight school or anyone who is looking for more information on the drone industry as a whole.  

If you're not a self studier like me, they have live in-person classes taught by Certified Flight Instructors. Just go to